Martin County and St Lucie County Schools

Martin County

The Martin County school district consistently serves as a leader in quality education; its students generate above average scores on national tests, numerous National Merit scholarships and excel in education at the community college level. Students at all levels bring home national academic and sports honors.


Students enrolling in local schools for the first time need the following: Two documents showing proof of residence (such as electric bill or phone bill) and the student’s Social Security number, certificate of immunization (HRS Form 680 which is available from local doctors or the county health department), proof of a medical examination in the last 12 months,, Kindergarten and first-grade students must have a birth certificate to verify age, a copy of the student’s last report card is helpful.

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St Lucie County

Educating children is a top priority in this community. Parents, schools, businesses and community members partner to provide a full and rich educational experience for our children. Because of this unique partnership, St. Lucie Public Schools are able to offer a variety of educational experiences that prepare students for the future.

Each school provides a unique combination of opportunities and services. Parents have many choices. However, choosing the right school doesn’t have to be puzzling. Through St Lucie County’s strategic partnerships, they strive to serve each child, every day.


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